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I was born in Kampongcham Province, grew up during the reign of Khmer Rouge. Many of my family members died during the Khmer Rouge Genocide. The Khmer Rouge separated my parents and oldest siblings from the rest of the family. They were sent to do forced labor in unknown locations. From early 1987 until 1989 I was a Pagoda boy... at Ponly Pagoda/Anhcheum Commune, Tbongkhom district, Kampongcham Province. As a Pagoda boy, I served the Monks by collecting food from the villages for them to eat. During this time I began to learn Buddhist prayers and chants from the Monks. The Monks took care of me by providing food to eat (Monks would eat first, then temple boys eat second).
1989-1998 I proudly became a Monk in Kampongcham Province. In 2001 I worked as a Hotel Receptionist at a small hotel in Siem Reap until its close in 2004. After, I saved all I could I acquired a tuk-tuk & began working in this trade. During most of the year, I’m a farmer. I help tend to the family farm, working in the rice fields. During the “tourist season,” I operate a tuk-tuk; I proudly provide transportation to people in and around the Siem Reap area and to the Temples of Angkor Wat.
I have fulfilled my dream and have built a free education in some villages, provides Khmer/ English kindergarten, Hygiene, Environment, Agricultural, Culture Bridge, Morals, Value, Computer class, Other Training skills to people three years of age and older. I feel education is the best way to accomplish these dreams. I also have Tuk tuk for Peace which helps support my schools.

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Tuk Tuk For Peace!

My team and I would be honored to share our country and our knowledge of the local area with you. I'm available to serve you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are working together to make Cambodia a better place for our children. "Tuk Tuk for Peace" is involved with several "Free Education Schools" in the local area. A small portion of your fare will go towards purchasing school supplies for these children. If you would like to visit these schools please let us know and we would be honored to show you!

* We offer free pick up from Siem Reap Airport/Bus station to the hotel/guesthouse.

Contact Information:

Program Director: Mr. Sim Sao

Mobile: In Cambodia: 092-307-510

Mobile: Outside of Cambodia, (+855) 92-307-510